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We’ll make your old carpet disappear!

Mike and Dad’s Hauling does Carpet Removal and Hauling. Are you getting new carpet, but first need to pull up your old carpet and have it hauled away? Perhaps you’re removing carpet to install new hardwood floors? Mike and Dad’s Hauling will come in and quickly pull up your old carpet, and haul it away so you can start your project. Need other junk removal services with your project? Not a problem, we can take care of anything you need hauled away ate the same time.

For over 30 years Mike & Dad’s Hauling has helped many Salem area residents get rid of remodeling debris. If you’re in the middle of a remodel and need a helping hand, Mike and Dad’s Hauling is experienced at all facets of junk hauling, garbage removal, remodeling debris, landscape refuse…and yes, we are experienced at Old Carpet Removal.

Mike & Dad's Hauling is the Best Choice for Junk Removal!

Same-Day or Next-Day Service!

No Hidden Costs - all fees included in estimates

Locally Owned & Operated for over 30 years!

Certified Eco-Friendly - we care to recycle

If you decide to remove your carpet yourself.

Things to consider when deciding to remove old carpet:

1) Typically, old carpet is extremely dusty. Over the years dust, dirt and debris will have made its way down to your carpet pad, and underneath. Covering nearby furniture, items prone to damage by dust such as home electronics and computers should be moved or covered.

2) Carpet is typically held down by “spike strips”. These strips are very sharp, and many times can be rusted. Keeping pets and children away during the carpet removal process can help ensure no one is hurt. If you plan to remove the carpet yourself, heavy duty leather work gloves are recommended. And because these strips can often be rusty, having an up-to-date tetanus shot is wise. Our carpet removal service does not include the removal of the old tack strip.

3) Have help. Old carpet rolls are heavy and awkward to lift by one person. Having an able-bodied helper to help roll up and remove the old carpet can save you from a hernia.

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"Since 1989, Mike & Dad's Hauling has served Vancouver, WA. We pride ourselves on our impeccable reputation which we have built one customer at a time." - John and Mike Richardson

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