Fence Removal Services in Vancouver WA at Mike & Dad's Hauling

Do you have an aged and unsightly fence on your property? Is the deteriorated fence in your yard an irritating eyesore? Are you in need of fence removal service in the Vancouver WA area? If so, look no further, as Mike and Dad’s hauling is here to provide you with quick, thorough, and efficient fence removal services for any type of fence.

Fence Tear Down Safety

Aside from wanting to remove your fence for aesthetic purposes, run-down fences are in fact a safety hazard. Having a rickety fence in your yard can also decrease the value of your home and bother your neighbors.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, fences of all varieties endure unpredictable weather that result in significant wear and tear. What was once a beautiful cedar fence designed to provide privacy, could turn into a faded, damaged, and moldy annoyance after a few years. Previously secure wire fences can become rusted and damaged due to constant rainfall. Reclaim your yard now, and call Mike and Dad’s hauling today to get rid of that rotting fence once and for all.

Professional Fence Removal vs. Do It Yourself

Some people do not bother seeking help for fence removal as they assume it is a job they can do on their own once they get around to it. Often times, this is not the case as fence installation typically includes a cement foundation. In order to remove a fence, removing the concrete work is needed as well which normally includes the use of a drill or jack hammer to do the job correctly. Fence removal is best left to a professional to ensure it is done right.

Cost of Removing a Fence

The cost of fence removal depends on a variety of factors. Simply give Mike and Dad’s Hauling a ring and we would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote for service. We are confident that our fence removal rates are the best in the area, as we always ensure our rates are reasonable and competitive. Our fence removal services include concrete and pole removal as well as any other components that need to be removed, and hauling of fence debris. Depending on the condition of your fence posts, you may want to keep them and just have the fence section removed. Mike and Dad’s Hauling would be happy to do that for you as well.

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Fence Removal Services in Vancouver WA

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